I never thought it would be so hard for me to reveal who I am to everyone. I thought I would be able to do it very easily with no fear, but for some reason I’m scared.

I’m not sure why I’m scared because no one really even knows me. I’m just some random girl who is scared for no reason.

I hate that I’m scared to do this! I wish I could do it easily, but I guess not.

I really wish we could’ve gone the whole semester behind our pen name. Even though I know we need to reveal ourselves I really wish we didn’t have to.

I’m just going to say it right now.

My name is Olivia page

Geez that was such a mess haha. Hopefully it made sense

~Olivia page


I have had many fears in my life, and they have all been completely different. Some fears I don’t even understand why I have/had them they really are just dumb fears that I should’ve gotten over quicker in my life.

My fears when I was younger








Getting kidnapped

Some of these seem weird to me now, but some others I can see as why my young self was scared of them. I’m still scared of a couple of these too haha

I hate saying that I’m still scared of things as a teenager, but I am. What I am scared of as a teenager is



Being abandoned

Of course there are many more but these are the main ones.

I wish I could live life without fear, but that’s something that makes us all different.

Even though it makes us different I still wish I could get rid of a few of my fears. Like spiders I wish I could stop being scared of finding them in my room all the time.

~Marcie Beach


Letting my phone write for me

The first time we had the earth was a good thing

Yeah it’s ok I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I’m going on the phone and I’m going on the earth.

Yeah it’s ok I don’t think I have a lot more to say about that it is probably the moon of the moon.

Yeah it’s ok I just got a little confused about how it is going tonight.

I think they have to be in a different class or not a good thing.

The only reason why I didn’t get the free gift cards was because I didn’t want them.

Yeah I’m just so confused about how I feel about you.

I wish I could have more than a couple friends but I don’t even have any.

This is the end of the game but it’s kinda weird because I don’t have any since of what I wrote.

~Marcie beach


I am so great full for the family I was given. They are always there for me.

My parents are very supportive of me, and I am very thankful for it.

My siblings are very nice to me, and I’m very glad I got them as my siblings.

My brother is my best friend I can always hang out with him and it’s not weird. He is always there for me if I feel like I need it.

My family is so great I feel like I could talk to them about anything, and I don’t feel uncomfortable about it. I’m glad I got them for my family and I wouldn’t replace any of them for anyone.

~Marcie beach


When I was a kid I used to be so afraid of thunderstorms. I would have to be with my parents while one was going on, and I would be bawling. I was so scared of the sound that it made. Then there was the lightning that I thought would set our house on fire and I would have no where to go.

Now that I’m older though I love when thunderstorms come along. I love seeing the lightning in the sky it can be so pretty. I don’t always love the thunder though because sometimes it can be so loud and it’s very annoying.

I wish we could have thunderstorms more often. They are so much different than rainy days, and much prettier.

I just wish that they didn’t start as many fires on our mountains.

~Marcie Beach


Dogs really are peoples best friends. Not just men, but women’s too.

They can literally make you happy when you are having a bad day and need somebody there to help you. Even though they can’t talk to you they can be near you and make you happy.

I have two dogs and I can say they make me happy just being around them for a couple minutes. When I’m not feeling good I bring them inside and I get so happy I forget I’m sick for a minute.

I would never thing an animal could be like that, but it’s amazing that dogs can do that for humans.

I’m so glad I can have dogs in my life and I hope I can have them the rest of my life.

~Marcie Beach


There are many different types of skeletons. Some are scary and some are friendly. The only way you know which one you’re dealing with is the way they act.

The mean skeletons are in some haunted houses and scare people (even though sometimes their not scary even though they try).

The nice ones are usually non kids movies or kids video games. Their there to make people laugh and be super dumb about some things.

I would never thing they could do so many things to skeletons, but apparently they can and they can make them all pretty cool.

You never know what to expect when there is a skeleton.

~Marcie Beach


There are so many more thing you can use bricks for than just building houses .

You can use bricks for

  • Breaking a window
  • Building wells
  • Mailboxes
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • art
  • Weight lifting
  • Door block
  • Canvas
  • Build school
  • Scare people
  • Help you reach higher
  • To hold down papers
  • To keep heat in on fireplaces
  • Chew toys for some animals
  • And for some basketball player they shoot them.

Of course there are a lot more uses for them, but that’s some of the obvious ones and a few non obvious ones. you wouldn’t think there were that many uses for a brick, but there are a lot more than you would ever think.

Bricks are odd this that are very useful in (almost) everyday life.

~Marcie Beach


I feel like people have forgotten how great reading is. Now people say they hate reading because they don’t think reading is “cool”.

I love reading because it helps with my imagination and I can choose everything about the characters because I’ve never seen them before.

I feel like reading helps me when I’m stressed. It just clears my head.

When I’m on my phone for a long time I kinda start freaking out and can’t think straight. When that happens I grab a book and read and I get calmed down.

When people don’t like reading I think they just haven’t found the right book. When they do find the right book I think they could realize what I’m saying about how it calms me down.

I hope reading will come back more and people can realize how helpful it is to your mind.

Books are much different than phones for our mental state. Phones make you go crazy and books can bring you back.

~Marcie Beach


Love is a wonderful thing! I have never been in love with someone. I don’t care to be in love with anyone at the moment either.

I have loved people though! I love my parents and my siblings.

Love is a weird thing though. Not everyone can have your love, it goes only to people who you deem worthy to have your love.

I find it weird that sometime in my future there will be someone that I will love.

It confuses me how people can find love so often. Or is it really love? Are they just a high school student who thinks it’s love because they want a perfect high school story. I wonder how long it will take for them to find out if it’s real or not.

Let’s hope everybody can find love and have it be real and not fake.

~Marcie Beach